No ultraviolet tanning services for individuals who are less than 18 years old. For individuals who are 18 and older however, appear to be less than 25 years old photo ID with date of birth is required. For other first-time customers, photo ID is required.

There is no age restriction on VersaPro spray tanning.

  • check_box The ultimate high pressure tanning experience
  • check_box Very gentle to skin – even more gentle than the sun’s rays
  • check_box Quick but yet long lasting golden brown tan
  • check_box Smart, ergonomic and confortable tanning system/li>
  • check_box Intelligent and safe design
  • check_box Emission in all directions with rotating effect of the central tanning units
  • check_box Sense of general well-being for entire body
  • check_box Revolutionary 360 degree vertical high-pressure tanning machine
  • check_box Golden brown tan
  • check_box Gentle to skin
  • check_box Quick but yet long lasting tan
  • check_box Great distance between tanning units inside
  • check_box Open design ensures comfortable tanning sensation
Ergoline Classic
  • check_box Gentle to skin
  • check_box Quick but yet long lasting, golden brown tan
  • check_box Innovative UV technology – ulta performance high pressure units for the body and facial areas with low pressure turbo power bulbs
  • check_box Shoulder tanner
  • check_box Separate air conditioned base acrylic cooling and temtronic climate control system
Ergoline Affinity 600
  • check_box Ultra performance tanning facial technology to produce bronzed and beautiful facial tan featured adjusting intensity and switching facial tanners off
  • check_box Advanced performance UV low-pressure lamps to tan from every angle
  • check_box Reflector neck and shoulder tanner
  • check_box Ergonomically formed body shape base acrylic with integrated headrest for relaxing tanning experience
  • check_box Turbo power air conditioning to provide comfort cooling sensation, surround cooling body and head ventilation
  • check_box Adjustable high pressure facial lamps with ultra performance reflector technology
  • check_box Contoured body wave acrylic to provide comfort and eliminate pressure point areas
  • check_box Powerful built-in air conditioning and temtronic climate control system
  • check_box Shoulder and neck tanner
Sun Cupsule
  • check_box Even, non-pressure point tan
  • check_box Full surround UV technology
  • check_box Powerful Cooling System
  • check_box Built-in audio speakers
  • check_box Dark tanning result
Versa Pro
  • check_box Next generation heated spray technology to deliver a flawless tan every time
  • check_box Revolutionary drying system to ensure exit each treatment session dry and ready to redress
  • check_box Endless customization options like extra colour for your legs or face as well as upgrades to double/triple/quadruple dark bronzers
  • check_box Open concept design to ensure a comfortable, airy experience without feeling trapped or enclosed
  • check_box Built-in intelligence voice-guided instructions during your spray tan